13 March, 2021 rd

Best Lumion Cloud Rendering Service 2021

Lumion is 3D rendering software tailored especially for architects, designers. It is a powerful and effective architectural visualization tool to build a 3D environment and then create amazing images, impressive videos, and so on. Rendering Lumion projects during continuous hours often is a bottleneck for everyone working in the designing field. There are Lumion cloud rendering services 2021 that Lumion recommends

Actually, Lumion is unsupported on many cloud rendering services, even some well-known brand names such as Rebus Farm, Fox Render Farm, Garage Farm.

We read on the Lumion website that Lumion recommends 3 cloud services to their customers. So today, based on Lumion’s recommendation, we’re gonna render on Shadow, iRender, and Cloudalize.

Let’s watch the following video to find out which cloud service is the best for Lumion rendering.

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