best Blender Eevee render farm

What is the best Blender EEVEE render farm?

In previous articles, we explored the best render farms for Blender. In this post, let’s join Redarrender in discovering the best Blender EEVEE render farm.

EEVEE is Blender’s real-time render engine built using OpenGL focused on speed and interaction while achieving the goal of rendering PBR materials. EVEE can be used interactively in the 3D Viewport and produce high-quality final renders.

Unlike Cycles, Blender EEVEE only supports GPU-based rendering. However, it provides a faster rendering speed. However, in large projects with many complex details, you need enough hardware power to speed up the rendering process. Besides, Render farms enable users to scale their rendering resources based on the project’s demands. This is particularly useful for projects with tight deadlines or those requiring high-quality renders, as additional computing power can be allocated as needed.

In addition, before choosing a render farm for Blender EEVEE, you should consider some of the following important factors. These factors are guiding principles for finding a suitable render farm for your project.

  • IaaS render farm vs SaaS render farm: some SaaS render farms do not support EEVEE and some do not support real-time rendering. If you want to take full advantage of the amazing 3D Viewport feature, choose an IaaS render farm.
  • Rendering Speed: the powerful hardware will bring faster render speed to your projects.
  • Prices: it is important to consider what the render farm wants to go with for the long term.
  • File and Scene Compatibility: Ensure that your Blender EEVEE project files and scenes are compatible with the render farm’s infrastructure. Some render farms may have limitations on supported file formats, plugins, or specific features used in the scene.
  • Other factors: Customer support, Security and Confidentiality, Service Reliability, and Uptime.

Among the many render farms for Blender EEVEE out there, Radarrender has evaluated the process and selected for you the 4 best render farms for Blender EEVEE. Let’s Explore now!

iRender Farm – The best Blender EEVEE render farm

iRender is a GPU-Accelerated Cloud Render Farm. It is based on the IaaS render farm model. Radarrender considers iRender Farm to be the best Blender EEVEE render farm in terms of hardware, especially GPU. They are always at the forefront of updating the most powerful speed cards.

In addition, iRender is an IaaS render farm, so you can take advantage of the power hardware to speed up any 3D render engine with any 3D software. iRender allows you to set up your working environment and control all rendering processes like your own computer. So you can easily use 3D Viewport in Blender EEVEE to follow your projects when rendering.

Best Blender Eevee render farm 1

  • Hardware: AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 3955WX/5975WX CPU | 2/4/6/8x RTX 3090 & 1/2/4/6 x RTX4090 GPU.
  • RAM: 256 GB
  • Price: From $5.76 node/hour to $42 node/hour. For newly registered customers 100% bonus first charge within 24h
  • Support software: All versions of EEVEE and Blender.

Fox Renderfarm – The best Blender EEVEE render farm in terms of prices

Fox Renderfarm is a SaaS render farm. It’s a CPU & GPU cloud-based render farm service that provides distributed computing resources for rendering images and animations. Fox Renderfarm is used by many famous studios in the world. With our experience, it is one of the best Blender EEVEE render farms in terms of cost.

Based on the SaaS render farm, you need to check the version of Blender and EEVEE that you use before submitting the projects to render. Besides, Fox Renderfarm does not support real-time rendering.

Best Blender Eevee render farm 2


  • Type of render farm: SaaS render farm
  • Hardware: 16/24/28 cores of CPU | 1080Ti, 2080Ti, 3060, 3090 and Tesla T4 of GPU.
  • RAM: from 64GB
  • Price: From $0.036/core/hour & from $1/node/hour – 25$ for free trial.

RenderStreet – Specialized Blender EEVEE Render Farm

RenderStreet is a cloud-based render farm service that supports Blender rendering, including both Blender Eevee and Cycles rendering engines. RenderStreet provides users with the ability to offload their rendering tasks to a distributed computing infrastructure, allowing for faster rendering times and efficient resource utilization. It supports both CPU and GPU rendering on Blender EEVEE.

One of the advantages of this render farm is Previews for still and animation rendering features. This render farm platform automatically generates a video preview and displays it in your browser. So you can check and preview your render results as each part is finished.

Best Blender Eevee render farm 3

  • Type of render farm: SaaS render farm
  • Hardware: Dual Xeon E5 of CPU | NVIDIA® A10 and RTX 3080 of GPU.
  • RAM: up to 192GB
  • Price: $4.49 / server-hour for GPU rendering
  • Support software: always up-to-date Blender versions

SheepIt – Free render farm for Blender EEVEE

SheepIt is a free distributed render farm for Blender. It is a community-driven, free, and distributed render farm specifically designed for Blender. It allows Blender users to share their computing power to help each other render their 3D projects more quickly and efficiently.

SheepIt operates on a peer-to-peer model, where users contribute their own computer’s idle processing power to render frames for others. In return, users can submit their projects to be rendered by the community. SheepIt Render Farm is free for users, and the community aspect relies on the principle of users helping each other out. Users earn points by rendering frames for others, and these points can be used to prioritize their rendering tasks.

Since SheepIt relies on the generosity of its community members to contribute their hardware, it doesn’t have a centralized set of servers with specific hardware specifications like traditional render farms. Instead, it harnesses the combined power of individual computers from the community.

Best Blender Eevee render farm 5

  • Price: Free
  • Support software: always up-to-date Blender versions

Wrap Up

When choosing the best Blender EEVEE render farm for your project, consider factors such as compatibility, rendering settings flexibility, scalability, cost structure,… Finally, what render farm should choose is up to you. According to our experience, Please try and select the best one for your project.

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