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Our 4 Best FStorm Render Farms

FStormRender is a new GPU-powered, unbiased renderer with good performance which rather easy-to-use.  It is straightforward, fast, and realistic with convenient materials and light sources. Currently, FStorm renderer engine is exclusively available for 3Ds Max software. Hope that this amazing renderer will be available for major 3D software in the near future.

There are many unique features in FStorm renderer such as improved tone mapping, glossy reflection shader, glare effects, light sampling, improved raytracer, and optimized QMC sampling. FStorm renderer is deeply integrated into the 3Ds Max environment and supports all necessary and key features. Build-in scene converter easily and carefully converts any scene from Corona, Octane, and Vray render. Fstorm is interactive, which allows users to change the scene while it is rendered and see these changes in an interactive way without reloading need. Any scene change, except geometry, is automatically reflected. Geometry changes require real-time geometry update enabled or reload geometry button press. Users can move the camera and get real-time updates in the frame buffer window.

FStorm Render is based on CUDA technology, which allows this renderer to work well on NVIDIA graphics cards. Interestingly, FStorm is likely to be compatible with multiple GPUs on one computer. For instance, if it’s scalable to 6 or 10 GPUs simultaneously in a single machine, users can utilize the robust computing system to render their job while using FStorm Render. 

Possessing a high-performance machine with a large number of graphics cards is not simple. The costs of purchasing the machine, electricity, or maintenance are pretty high which may prevent you from putting money into it. Using a cloud render farm is an effective and realistic solution for your rendering process. FStorm Render is optimal when utilizing multi-GPU-based rendering, so which FStorm render farms support the best? Today Radarrender introduces the 4 best FStorm render farms 2023, let’s explore them and choose the best one for you.   

Fstorm render farms

1 | RANCH Computing

RANCH Computing is a high-performance rendering service as well as a provider of hardware solutions dedicated to 3D rendering. RANCH Computing began its activity in March 2007 and is based in Paris, France Since then, Ranch Computing’s aim is to allow any graphic designers, whatever line of business they are in (animation, VFX, architecture, design, video games…), to tackle the rendering process serenely in order to meet their deadlines and their budgets. As RANCH is based on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, what you need to do is upload your files to their farm and let RANCH render your job.

They now offer customers numerous software versions, renderers, and plugins which is one of the outstanding advantages of this render farm. When it comes to FStorm, they support FStorm 1.3.6g which is compatible with 3Ds Max software in their farm from 2014 version to 2021 version. This brand name does not show the types of GPU that they are offering, instead, they show customers GPU farms based on their quality such as GPU-low (max 14 nodes), GPU-medium (max 28 nodes), and GPU-high (max 56 nodes). You can take advantage of the number of nodes to speed up your render time instead of the number of GPUs integrated into every machine.


2 | iRender Farm

iRender Farm established in 2019 in Vietnam is a new brand name for cloud rendering services. iRender provides an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) model that allows users to take full control of a powerful machine (also called a remote server) via an RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) file. You can install any software, renderers, or plugins you need on the server and execute your heavy tasks. Especially, you just need to install all applications for the first usage. Unlike UltraRender, iRender will save your data as well as your image which are available for the next time. Apart from saving image, iRender also provide a free tool that allows users to transfer their files to the remote server before connecting to it. The full control and flexible usage are their outstanding advantages because this is highly suitable for complicated projects or complex pipelines that animators prefer supervising the server and customizing file settings as the way they want. 

They offer us the newest graphics cards from NVIDIA such as RTX 3090 or RTX 4090 which is possible to bring the highest rendering performance. The superior strength of iRender farm comes from supporting multi powerful GPUs in one server (such as 8 RTX 3090) that make your project accelerate rendering speed like a rocket. In addition, iRender does not limit the number of servers you would like to rent. The more servers you use, the shorter the rendering time is. The price for 2/4/6/8x RTX 3090 respectively is 7.2$/hour, 14.8$/hour, 22$/hour and 28$/hour. This cost will be much cheaper if you use it for a daily/weekly or monthly plan.

3 | UltraRender

Ultra Render is a cloud computing platform in an Iaas (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) model. This service is suitable for long term projects that last a whole week or month. It is possible to rent multiple instances of GPU rendering servers or Remote GPU Workstations per a single rental contract. This means users can take control of a server with multi graphics cards. Ultra Render sets Preconfigured Server for users with 2 main operating systems including Windows x64 and Linux OS pre-installed. You need to upload your files via Dropbox, get access to the server, and install everything you want. Installing 3Ds Max with FStorm renderer needs adding your own license(s) to its remote server.

In terms of 3Ds Max rendering, it would be awesome if you utilize their high computing machines with 8x RTX 1080Ti/8x RTX 2080Ti/2-8 Quadro RTX. These servers will be optimal for combo FStorm 3Ds Max which takes advantage of multi GPUs. The price for 8x RTX 1080Ti is €390/week and €1390/month while the price for 8x RTX 2080Ti is €520/week and €1660/month (then adding VAT). After you finish using Ultra Render services all your data are wiped from our systems. No backup copies are kept, all data is shredded using a 3-pass erasing cycle. Upon request 35-pass erase cycle can be done. It means that you need to install your own software again and again whenever you use Ultra Render service.


4 | Xekstop

Xesktop is a cloud rendering service developed by Garage Farm. Xesktop.com is a cloud server rental service based on Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) where you can rent a GPU server via Remote Desktop. You can install everything you need and render your project yourself. With this service, you use your server remotely just like a standard PC.

With this cloud render farm, they only have 2 types of GPU servers: 10x GTX 1080 Ti and 8x Tesla V100. The price for the former is 6$/node/hour while the other one costs 8$/node/hour. Similar UltraRender, you can take control of the remote server, but they just support one operating system including Windows 10. Regarding FStorm 3Ds Max, you need to install all of them on the remote server and add your own license key to it. However, Xeskop only provides the server, without a separate transfer file tool. It means that you need to transfer files to the server by using third party FTP services, cloud drives (i.e. Dropbox or Google Drive), or by copying directly via RDP. By doing that way, it takes your time to sync files and wastes your money during the period of usage time. But you can leverage the power of 8 to 10 graphics cards on a server to speed up your rendering process between 2 options: GTX 1080Ti and Tesla V100.

Admittedly, it will take hours (or days) to render your heavy job on your personal computer with FStorm render & 3Ds Max, but it can be handle in minutes on cloud render farms. As aforementioned the top list, you can make a decision which best FStorm render farms is suitable for your need. If your files are not too intricate, RANCH Computing can make you satisfied. However, when it comes to complicated projects that need you to follow and customize more, taking control of a robust remote server is a better choice. It’s time to think of IaaS-based render farms including iRender Farm, Xesktop, or UltraRender. If you would like to own a medium quality server at a medium cost, UltraRender or Xesktop (GTX 1080Ti or RTX 2080Ti) can be fit your needs, but limited support. In terms of higher GPUs namely RTX 3080 or 3090 with full support (free transfer-file tool), iRender definitely meets your demands.

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