Best GPU render farm for 3ds Max

Which is the best GPU render farm for 3ds Max in 2024

The power of GPU has been demonstrated by the shortened rendering time when used for 3ds Max with V-Ray GPU, Redshift, Octane, etc. However, for heavy projects, personal computers may need to be able to handle the tasks efficiently, and the render time will take hours or days, hence Choosing a GPU render farm to expedite the rendering process is essential.

So, which render farm should you choose, and which is the best GPU render farm for 3ds Max in 2024? Let’s explore this article with Radarrender.

Factors need to be considered when using render farm for 3ds Max

A render farm comprises a variety of parameters, each with its models, advantages, disadvantages, and utilization patterns. Hence, pinpointing the absolute best render farm proves challenging. Nonetheless, we can identify top-tier render farms by considering certain project-specific factors. Below are key questions to ponder when you are looking for the best GPU render farm for 3ds Max.

  • What is a model of this render farm: SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS? Each render farm model will have its own way of operating.
  • What is software that GPU render farm for 3ds Max support?
  • How much are you looking to spend?
  • Is the pipeline and workflow easy enough to be integrated and used?

When you answer this question, you can find out the best GPU Render farm for your needs. According to our experience, let’s check the top 3 best GPU render farms for 3ds Max now.

Best GPU Render farm for 3ds Max in 2024


iRender is a Vietnamese company with a global presence, that operates on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, offering GPU and CPU rentals on the cloud for 3D rendering purposes. iRender boasts a robust infrastructure comprising the most powerful GPUs and CPUs capable of effortlessly handling heavy-duty tasks. With 2/4/8 x RTX 3090 or 1/2/4/6 x RTX 4090 with heavy-duty processors AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 3955WX/5995WX, you can easily render faster in 3ds Max and other GPU Render engines.

Based on the IaaS model, iRender can support all current software, including uncommon plugins or custom scripts. Additionally, iRender allows you to remotely connect to the system through the desktop app or the iRender GPU app to transfer files, set up the working environment, and have full control as if on your personal computer.

iRender Farm - best GPU render farm for 3ds Max

  • Prices: From $5.76 node/hour to $42 node/hour.


RebusFarm is a German company with over 18 years of experience in the 3D industry, VFX. This render farm is based on a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, offering GPU and CPU rendering services. This render farm is one of the best choices for many 3D studios and freelancers.

To use Rebus Farm, you need to submit your job directly from a plugin called RebusDrop inside the 3D software. This application will check your file and notify you if there are any invalid conditions in the file to fix. At the same time, you also need to check whether the software or plugin you are using is supported by RebusFarm.

For CPU rendering, the render farm operates with AMD’s Thread Ripper 3970X and for GPU rendering, they provide NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX 6000 to render jobs on the cloud.

Support software, render engine, and plugins:

RebusFarm Support software - best GPU render farm for 3ds Max

  • Prices: 0.49 cent/OBh


GarageFarm is a cloud-based render farm service that integrates with 3ds Max to significantly speed up your rendering times. This render farm is based on the SaaS model, it is ideal for rendering high-resolution still images. It breaks down the image into strips and renders them simultaneously on multiple machines, speeding up the process.

Like other SaaS render farms, Garage Farm only supports certain Render engines and Plugins with 3ds Max. You can check the details of those rendering engines in the image below or view the details here.

For GPU Rendering, GaragFarm provides 1/2x Nvidia RTX A5000 24GB vRAM and 4/8x Nvidia P100 16GB vRAM with Intel Xeon v4 8/16/40 threads / 70GB RAM – 120 GB RAM / 2.4 GHz – 2.6 GHz and Intel Xeon Silver 32 threads / 60GB RAM / 2.1 GHz.

Garage Support software - best GPU render farm for 3ds Max

  • Prices: $0.0033/ per OB hour to $0.0100/ per OB hour

Best GPU Render Farm for 3ds Max in terms of prices

Fox RenderFarm

Fox RenderFarm is a cloud-based rendering service similar to GarageFarm, specifically designed to accelerate rendering times for 3ds Max and other 3D software. It provides a hundred nodes to easily speed up your render projects.

This render farm is a SaaS cloud-rendering service that allows customers to upload the project to render and download the results when it is finished. Fox Render offers 6000 nodes with 16 cores per node and a powerful card GPU.

Fox RenderFarm- best GPU render farm for 3ds Max

  • Price: As low as $2 per node per hour.

Chip Render

Chip Render Farm is one of the best GPU render farms for 3ds Max in terms of prices. This render farm stands out as a cloud-based rendering solution aiming to be accessible and budget-friendly for 3D artists, including those using 3ds Max. Chip Render Farm positions itself as the “cheapest CPU & GPU Cloud Render Farm”, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious users.

Based on the IaaS render farm model, the Chip Render Farm boasts compatibility with a wide range of 3D applications and plugins, event custom scripts. Besides that, this render farm allows customers to take full control of the rendering process, set up a working environment, and choose the render package with the hardware that they need. With 1/2/4/6 x RTX 3090 and AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3955WX, 256 GB of RAM, Chip Render can handle many different types of projects with single or multiple GPU rendering.

Chip Render Farm- best GPU render farm for 3ds Max

  • Prices: From $2.9/machine/hour to $12/machine/hour.

Ultimately, the best render farm depends on its suitability for your project. Besides referring to our list, you can also experience it by taking advantage of free points from these render farms to make a decision. I hope you find a suitable render farm.

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