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Top 5 Best Cinema 4D render farms

Which one is the best Cinema 4D render farms for you? 

Cinema 4D is a 3D software for modeling, animation, and rendering developed by German company Maxon. This software is also a great application for motion graphics, modeling, and texturing. While most huge company’s tend to use Maya and 3Ds Max software, Cinema 4D is typically best for single artists or small teams. Choosing a render engine for Cinema 4D depends on what you need such as speed, versatility, rich feature, or community. Then you select a suitable one for your project among 3 famous supported renderer Arnold, Redshift, Octane, and others ones.

Today, Radarrender makes a list including 5 famous render farms currently supporting Cinema 4D with particular renderers. Please take a look at the following list of the best 5 Cinema4D render farms.

Our top 5 best Cinema 4D render farms

1 | iRender Farm

iRender Farm established in 2019 is a new brand name for cloud rendering services. iRender provides an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) model that allows users to take full control of a powerful machine (also called a remote server) via an RDP (Remote Desktop Connection) file. You can install any software, renderers, or plugins you need on the server and execute your heavy tasks. Especially, you just need to install all applications for the first usage, then iRender will save your data as well as your image which are available for the next time. The full control and flexible usage are their outstanding advantages because this is highly suitable for complicated projects that animators prefer supervising the server and customizing file settings as the way they want. 

They offer us the newest graphics cards from NVIDIA such as RTX 2080Ti/RTX 3080/RTX 3090, especially RTX 4090 which is quite interesting to try out. The superior strength of iRender farm comes from supporting multi powerful GPUs in one server (such as 6 RTX 3090) that make your project accelerate rendering speed like a rocket. In addition, you can leverage their Redshift license instead of your own license, the quantity of Redshift license keys depends on how many servers you want to use. The price for 2/4/6/8x RTX 3090 respectively is 5.7$/hour, 11.8$/hour, 17.6$/hour and 22.4$/hour. This cost will be much cheaper if you use it for a daily/weekly or monthly plan.

2 | RANCH Computing

RANCH Computing is high-performance rendering service for CPU and GPU projects and also a provider of hardware solutions dedicated to 3D rendering. RANCH Computing began its activity in March 2007 and is based in Paris, France Since then, Ranch Computing’s aim is to allow any graphic designers, whatever line of business they are in (animation, VFX, architecture, design, video games…), to tackle the rendering process serenely in order to meet their deadlines and their budgets. This brand name does not show the types of CPU or GPU that they are offering, instead, they show customers CPU farms and GPU farms based on their quality such as GPU-low (max 14 nodes), GPU-medium (max 28 nodes), and GPU-high (max 56 nodes). The costs for the GPU rendering package above respectively are 0.011€/OB.h, 0.016€/OB.h, and 0.019€/OB.h (Octane Bench point per hour).

RANCH Computing supports Cinema 4D really well when you can easily choose your Cinema 4D release ranging from R16 to R21. Especially there are a wide variety of render engines that you can select with the latest versions namely Redshift 3.0.35, Octane 2020 1.5 R4 or Arnold (GPU) Cinema 4DtoA 3.2.1, and so on. Besides, they also support some plugins for Cinema 4D, please take a look at the following image to see more detail supported apps that Ranch Computing offers now


3 | Rebus Farm

RebusFarm is a German-based company that provides rendering services for studios around the world. This company is built based on the model of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) where they support popular software such as  3Ds Max, Maya, and Cinema4D. With the experience of almost 15 years in the field of 3D rendering, Rebus has been improving a lot to be one of the most trusted render cloud services. Regarding CPU rendering, the render farm operates with intel i9-7980XE, 2.6GHz, while they provide various GPUs to render jobs on the cloud.

We can say that RebusFarm is a huge render farm supporting the widest range of Cinema 4D versions from R14 to R23. This Cinema 4D render farm divides Cinema 4D rendering into 2 types with particular supported software. To illustrate, Rebus Farm offers CPU rendering options for Vray Cinema 4D, Physical Cinema 4D, Advanced Renderer Cinema 4D, and Corona Cinema 4D at the cost of 1.47 cents/GHzh. In terms of GPU rendering, there are only 2 selections, either Redshift (2.0, 2.5, 2.6, and 3.0) or Octane, at the cost of 1.10 cents/ Obh. Please read more supported plugins in the following image


4 | RenderBoost

RenderBoost is a high cloud rendering platform that equips you with on-demand computational rendering power for your VFX, animation needs. Their rendering solution is built on a power-boost cloud application (SaaS) and runs on the latest cloud technology within the CPU and GPU rendering server. All you need to do is to click the submit button to submit your project, then sit back and wait for RenderBoost to render your heavy tasks. They offer uses 3 types of pricing plans where each one can be suitable for each other. Now there are Student Plan (1.2 cents/GHz) for Students, Artist Plan (2.2 cents/GHz) for individuals or freelancers and finally Company Plan (4.2 cents/GHz) for companies with urgent jobs.

At RenderBoost, they offer a wide range of rendering services with Cinema 4D render farm. These include rendering intensive scenes, animations, and still images renderings, depending on users’ demands. RenderBoost also has supported some popular Cinema 4D internal rendering engines SolidAngle Cinema 4DtoA or Chaos Group V-Ray. For more renderers such as Arnold, Corona, or Redshift, you need to ask RenderBoost staff to see whether they support or not. It seems that one of their strength is providing CPU rendering for Cinema 4D, if you are using Cinema 4D with Vray or Corona, RenderBoost is a great choice. 


5 | Ultra render

Ultra Render is a cloud computing platform in an Iaas (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) model. You can rent a Cloud GPU Server for Rendering or Cloud Mining on their system. This service is suitable for long term projects that last a whole week or month. It is possible to rent multiple instances of GPU rendering servers or Remote GPU Workstations per a single rental contract. This means users can take control of a server with multi graphics cards. Ultra Render sets Preconfigured Server for users with 2 main operating systems including Windows x64 and Linux OS pre-installed. You need to upload your files via Dropbox, get access to the server, and install everything you want. Installing Cinema 4D with renderers needs adding your own license(s) to its remote server.

In terms of Cinema 4D rendering, it would be awesome if you utilize their high computing machines with 8x RTX 1080Ti/8x RTX 2080Ti/2-8 Quadro RTX. These servers will be optimal for combo Redshift Cinema 4D or Octane Cinema 4D which take advantage of multi GPUs. The price for 8x RTX 1080Ti is €390/week and €1390/month while the price for 8x RTX 2080Ti is €520/week and €1660/month (then adding VAT). After you finish using Ultra Render services all your data are wiped from our systems. No backup copies are kept, all data is shredded using a 3-pass erasing cycle. Upon request 35-pass erase cycle can be done. It means that you need to install your own software again and again whenever you use Ultra Render service. 


In conclusion, if you need Cinema 4D render farms supporting CPU rendering, you should select Rebus Farm, RenderBoost while RANCH Computing is for GPU rendering demands. If you would like to render a project that is extremely complicated with a large number of plugins, you should take IaaS-based Cinema 4D render farms into account namely Ultra Render or iRender when only these render farms can meet all your needs.

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