6 best modeling software 2024

6 best 3D modeling software 2024

3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of an object or scene using specialized software. 3D models are used in various industries for visualization, simulation, animation, and manufacturing. 3D modeling software is important in supporting 3D artists to create desired 3D models within a certain time frame and help them bring ideas to life. If you are looking for 3D modeling software, the 6 software in the list below is what you should consider.

Before jumping into our list of best 3D modeling software, you need to consider several factors should be taken into consideration below:

  • Easy to use: user interface (UI) and learning resources. Especially for beginners, an intuitive interface and easy-learn, availability of tutorials, and documentation,… will help you reduce the learning curve.
  • Features and Capabilities: Ensure that the software has the necessary tools for the type of modeling you plan to do. Besides that, you need to care about the animation, simulation & effects, rendering, and integration you might be using.
  • Compatibility for your workflow and the plugin or render engine that you use.
  • Price is suitable for your budget or not?
  • Industry standards and requirements: consider which software is commonly used in the industry you plan to work in.
  • Speed and performance, workflow, updates, and development or trial period.

Blender – Free 3D modeling software

6 best modeling software 2024 - Blender

Blender is currently the most popular free 3D modeling software. Known for its robustness, Blender is an open-source software that offers a wide range of outstanding features such as modeling, sculpting, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, and video editing. Blender has a large user community and is the top choice for many new 3D artists entering the field.

  • Prices: free

Autodesk Maya

6 best modeling software 2024 - Maya

Autodesk Maya is one of the best 3D modeling software that adheres to industry standards and is used in numerous big-budget films like Stranger Things. Maya has developed extensively throughout the evolution of the 3D industry. It serves as a standard and is incorporated into many educational programs in 3D training centers and schools.

You’ll find tools for character creation and movement, and simulation of natural elements such as water, fire, sandstorms, and explosions. For that, Autodesk Maya is often the software of choice for VFX artists and animators.

  • Price: Autodesk Maya – 3 years $4,034; 1 Year $1,345; 1 month $168.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is one of the powerful 3D modeling software, and Maxon developed it. Cinema 4D is known for it user-friendly and offers a wide range of tools for modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering. It’s commonly used in motion graphics and visual effects. Cinema 4D produces stunning results, whether working on your own or in a team.

Cinema 4D offers MoGraph – a procedural modeling and animation toolset that gives motion designers the ability to quickly and easily create complex and abstract animations. Besides, Cinema 4D is widely recognized as one of the easiest and most accessible 3D packages to learn and use. You can find out the thousands of tutorials on Cineversity and hundreds of Quick tips when learning Cinema 4D.


6 best modeling software 2024 - Houdini

Houdini is a powerful node-based 3D animation and VFX software. Houdini offers procedural modeling, animation, effects, and rendering. This software is known for its node-based workflow, which allows for a high level of control and flexibility.

In procedural modeling, Houdini allows users to create complex and detailed 3D models using a node-based workflow. Procedural modeling in Houdini enables artists to create non-destructive, parameter-driven models, making it easier to make changes at any stage of the production process.

  • Price: visit here to learn the full price list of Houdini.

3ds Max

Next on this list is 3Ds Max. It is a comprehensive 3D modeling animation and rendering software developed by Autodesk. This 3D software is widely used in many fields, especially architecture, gaming, and VFX. 3ds Max possesses a powerful set of tools for modeling, animation, and rendering. It can integrate with various rendering software to become a complete workflow.

Currently, 3ds Max is used by many creative studios around the world for animation, modeling, visual effects, and rendering.


  • 1 month: $168 USD
  • 1 year: $1,345
  • 3 year $4,034


Modo is a powerful and flexible 3D modeling software developed by Foundry. This software offers users a complete toolset that empowers artists to explore and develop ideas without jumping through technical hoops.

Modo stands out with a powerful set of tools for fast direct modeling, and flexible procedural modeling, especially its Mesh Fusion Boolean toolset and built-in sculpting tools all working together, Modo’s modeling moxie is unmatched.

Price Individual:

  • Modo maintenance: $485/year.
  • Modo subscription: $719/year or $89/month.

Ultimately, the choice of which 3D modeling software to use depends on several factors. If you are a beginner, starting with free software to get acquainted is essential, then you can consider transitioning to paid software. However, the best 3D modeling software depends on your workflow, budget, and the results you achieve after using the software.

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