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  • CPU: $0.02  to $0.06 / per Ghz hour
  • GPU: $0.0033 to $0.0100 / per OB hour

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  • CPU: Intel Xeon V4 22 – 88 physical cores, AMD Epyc 3rd gen 32.
  • GPU: 8xTesla P100 16GB, RTX A5000 24GB
  • Ram: 60 – 240 GB.



Country United Kingdom
CPU description Intel Xeon v4 22/44/88, AMD Epyc 3rdgen 32
RAM per node 60-256GB
Power description CPU: IIntel Xeon v4 22/44/88, AMD Epyc 3rdgen 32
GPU: Tesla P100 16GB, RTX A5000 24GB
Ram: 60 – 240 GB.
Price comment CPU: $0.02  to $0.06 / per Ghz hour to
GPU: $0.0033 to $0.0100 / per OB hour
Discount options Depending on the amount of money recharged, the volume discounts start from 4% ($250) to 100% ($12500)
Payment options PayPal (including credit cards)
DotPay, Wire transfer, and so on.
Support options 10 people tech support team, free for all priorities
Available 24/7: Live chat, Skype, Email
Contact [email protected]
Website https://GarageFarm.NET/
Update November 4, 2023

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