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  • CPU: From $0.036 to $0.06 per core hour.
  • GPU: From $1.0 to $2.0 per node per hour.
  • Volume discounts available up to 64%



  • CPU:  Intel Xeon E5-2660, Intel Xeon E5-2678 V3, Intel Xeon 8179M
  • GPU: GTX1080Ti/ RTX2080Ti/ RTX3090
  • Ram 64GB.



ForestPack, ForestPackPro, FumeFX, RailClone, Realflow, X-Particles, Miarmy

Country Hong Kong, China
Price comment CPU: From $0.036 to $0.06 per core hour.
GPU: From $1.0 to  $2.0 per node per hour.
Discount options $25 Free Credits for every new user
Payment options Paypal, Wire Transfer
Contact [email protected], Skype, E-mail and live chat.
Update  November 4, 2022

More details:
$25 Free Credits for every new register, as low as $0.036 per core hour

Fox Renderfarm is a world-class online render farm, provides our clients with the fastest cloud render service. Massive render nodes running 24 * 7. CPU & GPU rendering are both available. Fox Renderfarm also supports Houdini, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender, Unreal Engine, anima®, Nuke, Katana, Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift, Clarisse, Renderman, Corona and most of the mainstream 3d software and renderers.

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