CPU & GPU Cloud Render Farm

Radarrender Certifidate 2 star


  • CPU: From $0.5/server-hour to $4.95/server-hour
  • GPU: $0.01/OBh.
  • Free test rendering and 50% off for Blender Cycles for server-hour.



  • CPU: Dual Xeon 64-128 Gb RAM, Threadripper 3970x 256 Gb RAM
  • GPU: Nvidia cards 20xx-30xx series (3070Ti,..)


Country Russia
CPU description Dual Xeon 64-128 Gb RAM, Threadripper 3970x 256 Gb RAM
RAM per node 64/128GB
Power description Dual Xeon 64-128 Gb RAM /5 x RTX 2080Ti 925 OctaneBench or 1500 OctaneBench
Discount options Volume discounts starting from 10% ($100) up to 100% ($10000) for CPU & GPU rendering
Payment options PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, Wire Transfer
Support options 24/7 LiveChat, Email, Social network, Skype
Download options Own software to start render in 3Ds Max, C4D by 1 click and sync results, FTP
Contact [email protected]
Update December 14, 2023

More details:

Easy start with own plugin for 3Ds Max, C4D to start render and sync results with 1 click. No extra for top speed, no priorities, immediate start of render. They are glad to offer great render speed to chase your tight deadline!

Supported software:

3Ds Max 2014-2024; Cinema 4D R16 – R21, R24 – R26, 2023, 2024; Maya 2018-2023; Houdini 18.5.596/19.0.589/19.5.773; Blender 3.6.5; AfterEffects 2018-2019.
Render engines:
Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Corona, Mental Ray, V-Ray, Mantra

You can contact them via Skype: animarender or by email – [email protected]

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