WeRender Farm


 If you want to render 20 second you only pay the cost 20sec


100+ XEON Servers 24-cores and 48-cores 24GB to 64GB RAM

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Country Egypt
Cores per node 24 cores or 48 core
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Intel XEON Servers
RAM per node 24GB to 64GB
Number of nodes 100+
Power description 100+ XEON Servers 24-cores and 48-cores 24GB to 64GB RAM
Price comment you will pay only the cost for render
Discount options Based on the size of your project, we’ll automatically apply a discount to the cost, up to 30%
Payment options Bank transfer
Support options Support skype, telephone and e-mail. You can find our FAQs, video tutorials and contact form at homepage
Contact [email protected]
Website https://werender.net/
Update April 2, 2020

More details:

We are a small team of technology and 3d enthusiasts who one day after years of painful and dreadful experience with render farms decided to start our own farm – right in our garage.

When we started back in 2016, we were a team of two, eng ahmed – eng mohamed. At the moment (as of 2019), we are a team of 15.

We strongly believe that CG artists should focus entirely on creating art and shouldn’t worry about render times and waiting for the rendering to finish.