$0.00825 per GHzh


Total: Cinebench of 4,7 Mio; Octanebench of 26.259

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Archivision RPC ForestPack ForestPackPro Realflow


Country Spain
Cores per node updating…
CPUs per node updating…
CPU description updating…
RAM per node 32GB+
Number of nodes 1300
Power description Total: Cinebench of 4,7 Mio; Octanebench of 26.259
Price comment $0.00825 per GHzh
Discount options ONLINE RENDER: Up to 50% volume discount // SUPERVISED RENDER: Up to 40% volume discount
Payment options PayPal, Wire/Credit Transfer
Support options IT consulting is an intricate part of our model. The level of data involved from input to output requires technical support, as well in-house system implementation in order to streamline the 3D rendering pipeline.
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Update Feb. 21, 2018

More details:

Most of the render farms in the world only offer both management and system configuration services, based on hardware they do not own and do not exclusively use. In the world of high-performance computing, and beyond, when the window of time for results is critical (as in the case of render), there may be many disadvantages in areas as important as costs, versatility, response time…
SummuS Render has its own Data Processing Center (DPC), which allows us to adapt to our customers’ internal processes. Thanks to our Data Center’s efficient design, which has won both national and international awards, such as the Data Center Innovation award given by Data Center Market magazine, or the Innovation in the Micro-Data Center award handed by DatacenterDynamics, SummuS’ production costs are much lower than our rivals’, which allows for unique prices for our customers.