Render4you CPU & GPU Cloud Render Farm


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100% full capacity, No waiting queue

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Country Germany
Cores per node 16 cores
CPUs per node 2 CPUs
CPU description Dual Xeon E5-2470
RAM per node 64-128GB Ram
Number of nodes 100
Power description 100% full capacity, No waiting queue
Price comment We offer 25 € free credits for testrendering
Discount options Every credit you buy will be 50 percent less. Render with up to 100 CPU or 100 gpu nodes you project
Payment options Paypal, Wire Transfer
Support options Support skype and e-mail. You can find our FAQs, video tutorials and contact form at homepage
Contact [email protected]
Update April 2, 2020

More details:

RENDER4YOU offers up to 100 DUAL Xeons of render power with an estimated rating of 200000 CineBench R15 points. Up to 100 GPU´s with 12GB VRAM each. All render nodes are running Windows 7 Professional and 64GB-256GB of ram. Ongoing projects are stored locally on our in-house storages and will be automatically deleted 7 days after the project has been finished. We also provide GPU rendering for iray, iray+, vrayrt, redshift3d, octane, blender, c4d and cycles and other GPU render applications.