RenderRocket Render Farm


$0.70 per core per hour.


over 100 Eight Core Servers of capacity

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ForestPack ForestPackPro


Country USA
Cores per node Updating
CPUs per node Updating
CPU description Updating
RAM per node Updating
Number of nodes Updating
Power description over 100 Eight Core Servers of capacity
Price comment $0.70 per core per hour.
Discount options Updating
Payment options Updating
Support options Support ticket, telephone and e-mail.
Contact [email protected]
Update April 22, 2016

More details:

Since 2004, Render Rocket has combined its animation experience with state-of-the-art technology to provide the most advanced remote rendering system available. Trusted by major Hollywood studios, we have helped render projects for many movies such as Superman Returns, Spiderman 3, Iron Man, Night at the Museum, Piranha 3D, Drive Angry and many more. We offer a proprietary smart interface that integrates your animation files with Render Rocket’s remote rendering pipeline, allowing you to free your creative potential and extend your render power when you need it.