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Rays Render CPU + GPU Cloud Render Farm



Starting at 0,0036 $/OBh


More than 1000 GPUs 1080Ti

Base App





Country Russia
Cores per node Updating…
CPUs per node Updating…
CPU description Core i5
RAM per node 32GB
Number of nodes 150 node
Power description More than 1000 GPUs 1080Ti
Price comment Starting at 0,0036 $/OBh
Discount options You get FREE $30 registering through soсial networks account. Individual bulk discounts are applicable.
Payment options Сredit card
Support options Live website chat + Telegram support group: https://t.me/RaysRender
Contact [email protected]
Website https://raysrender.com
Update Sept. 10, 2019

More details:

We have more than 150 nodes including Core i5 + 32Gb RAM + 120 SSD + 6-12 pcs GTX 1080Ti. Price is analyzed and predicted before rendering.


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